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1.) The USB memory stick should be formatted FAT16 or FAT32.

2.) Download the latest database (DB.BIN file).

3.) The downloaded file (DB.BIN file) must be copied to the USB stick (Important! – No subfolder, the file must go directly into the root directory).

4.) Disconnect the Navty P1 from the power supply and insert the USB stick using the supplied USB adapter.

5.) Connect power and wait, the display will then show information that the update process is running and also when it is finished.

6.) Disconnect the Navty P1 from the power supply.

7.) Remove USB stick

8) The Navty P1 is now updated and ready for use.

Activating the radar detection

1.) Download the radar firmware file from the website.

2) Copy the downloaded firmware file to a USB stick.
3) Insert the USB stick into the unit using the adapter (remove the unit from the power supply beforehand).

4.) Reconnect the unit to the power supply. Then the unit starts and an update is carried out (also shown in the display). After the update process is finished, the unit restarts automatically.

5) Then disconnect the unit from the power supply and remove the USB stick.

6.) Now press and hold the two front buttons (buttons “2” and “4” – see also the manual) to activate the radar detection.

7) While continuing to press the keys “2” and “4”, please reconnect the unit to the power supply. Keep the keys “2” and “4” pressed. After approx. 5 to 10 seconds the radar function is activated, which is indicated by a short beep.

8) The buttons “2” and “4” can now be released, the radar function is activated.  This can also be seen as the menu now shows further setting options for the radar detection.

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