P1 Direct Wire Kit

 25 VAT included

+ High quality connectors for years of use
+ Easily replaceable Automotive fuse
+ Compatible with Beltronics, Escort, Genevo, Uniden & V1 Radar Detectors (RJ11)



P1 Direct Wire power cord kit avoids the need to use a cigarette lighter power outlet or 12v accessory socket. Extra thin cord for an extra easy and quick install. Easily replaceable Automotive fuse for extra safety is on board.


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    P1 Windshield Bracket

    + P1 Twin Cup Mount
    + black metal bracket
    + two black suction cups 

  • Accessories

    P1 Straight Cord & USB

    + 2m long straight & compact power cord
    + extra thin & flexible for more comfort
    + Input: 12-24v; USB Charger 2.1A
    + compatible to: Escort, Genevo, Uniden, V1 Gen1, V1 Gen2 radar detectors