Introducing the new NAVTY P1 Performance Tracker from the first design to the finished and sale ready product, which we proudly present.

The new Navty P1 is a compact yet robust device that allows you to easily measure your vehicle’s acceleration and exact speed. Most performance trackers are big or need a lot of window space. Not the Navty P1: just 3cm high and 6cm wide is taking less place on your windshield than any other GPS based vehicle speed acceleration tracking tools. But P1 offers much more than only tracking.

Possibilities such as saving your own markings, to better organize and remember dangerous spots and positions, and thus to increase your own safety especially during longer journeys.

With the optional free P1R firmware*, you can unlock and use additional security features free of charge: The P1 will then show you almost all danger spots throughout Europe as well as places with potentially frequent mobile traffic monitoring so that you always arrive safely and stress-free. In addition, the P1 can then reliably warn against the latest 3D radar and laser measuring systems using the latest RDD immune detection and most advanced filtering technology worldwide.

*Note that this or some of the P1R features may be not allowed in some countries. Therefore we are happy to offer a product that comes completely conform and can be used in whole Europe completely legal but also to allow customers use P1R features in countries where this features are allowed and also ensure that features can be deleted quickly and ensure the legal conformity of our device at any time you need.

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